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To Begin

Such a strange thing to do here, what will this entire entry be about?
Well, here’s to a new blog and some fun times! The Jacob girls have been around for a couple years now and we are proud to call ourselves such. Though we don’t exactly have a said “Jacob” like Charlie from Charlies Angels, we like to think he’s out there somewhere; smiling down on us and proud to see us doing our thing.

This blog itself was something entirely made up on the spot from a group chat; I suppose the joke became reality. Although we weren’t all serious about this, the fact that Rojin (myself) took initiative just went to prove that some ideas are worth making possible. Who knows, this may be the only post, or perhaps we’ll become the new internet sensation. Whatever the outcome, we’re here to have fun and update one another on each others lives and social events.

Simply put, we don’t entirely take this as seriously as others do, but we will do our best for our readers!
So share, like, and comment below as to what you would like us to write about, what you hope to see from this and over all experience. Or just quiet and enjoy the show!

Cheers from,


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