GiF changing

Perhaps one of the most recent types of emoji’s these days are those made by users around the world. One type that I would consider most interesting would be that of the GiF emoji. Yes, you heard me right, the GiF! It’s something we’ve all used in our status, group chat, and personal messages on: facebook, instagram, tumblr, twitter, and other social media platforms.

For the Jacob Girls however – it’s a great form of entertainment. With so many different references from hit tv shows to movies and other strange media from around the globe, we find ourselves most expressive through these short 2 second clips (with or without captions), than any other forms. I’m not saying we’re small minded and are easily amused (okay maybe we are easily amused), but for a group like ours, we take things to another level of ridiculous.

Though GiF’s have been around for a long time, only recently have we really integrated them into our texts and posts on various social media sites. There are many different apps provided for strictly your GiF giving needs. Myself and most likely others included in the Jacob Girls group, have at least 2 solid apps to choose from.

Although we ourselves use these GiF’s to entertain one another, we like to think they’ve changed the way we read messages. A simple text just no longer cuts it for us ladies. No – instead we resort to funny images to relay our expressions and thoughts that one wouldn’t normally see using just letters and numbers. I suppose in a sense it helps us in a way to fully grasp the other persons words to communicate.



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