Ho Ho H-old up

With the upcoming holiday season cheer in the air, i am reminded of the joys that it brings. I look out the window and see a fresh blanket of cold white powder. The lights of many who celebrate Christmas are strung carefully outside, welcoming guests like an SOS sign. The warmth of the old fire and the smells of cinnamon and peppermint are just so wonderful.


The Jacob Girls remember all to well what this season brought us, that many do not see in their blinded rush to make sure that last gift bought….


The true nightmare before Christmas, and while we would like to forget the mad rush of people racing to buy that sparkling knit sweater for the holidays, we simply cannot.

We are not alone, there are so many retail employees this holiday season who will witness this madness and the rude, abrasive, and aggressive side of shoppers itching to wrap that final gift and place it under the commercialized tree.

Don’t get us wrong, we love retail…well I mean that’s how the Jacob Girls began, so we must be thankful for the loading debt from our degree programs that inspired us all to sell our souls for money- to the clothing industry.


We have come a long way, realizing that even though, as the clock struck 9 pm and we began to close, that one person would say they just ‘needed one thing’ and ‘i swear i will be quick’ (as if we have no where else to be since this is obviously our lives….*sarcasm*)

So the retail days for these Jacob Girls is hopefully over, and becoming one of those crazies is bound to happen as we shop for our secret santa gifts…but we will be nice.



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