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Models and Sunsets

Many girls at some point have wanted to be a model. For some the dream comes true, others – well, not so fortunate. So let me tell you right now, The Owl Palette is here to make that a dream come true! (Okay, you wont get paid, but at least you’ll have a damn good new Facebook profile picture!)

This past summer the Jacob Girls dabbled their hand in some fashion photography! The Owl Palette being a member of the Jacob girls, knows her way with a camera. So what better to do on your day off?

Photo shoot!

Make-up and hair were done by The Owl Palette, and outfits were chosen based on the setting we felt best worked for our shoot. If you feel sexy in the outfits you wear, you might as well go with that, because you know that the photo will be to your liking – 80% of the time; after 100 shots.

So – gear in hand, models in action, we had some interesting laughs and plenty of space to work with. A friend was kind enough to allow us on her property outside of the city where she lived for the second half of our shoot. The entire afternoon was filled with warm rays and a lot of laughs.

Apparently Jacob Girls don’t know how to “model” regardless of their exceptional beauty and prior work in fashion retail. A bit strange considering the outcome of most of the pictures were stunning even before editing. Then again, they did have a good deal of help from the photographer. Needless to say, we got a full days worth of photos.

The sunset in the country side really gave us a wonderful backdrop to show off some stunning poses. The entire shoot was aiming to produce images one would see in fashion magazines or posters; I think we accomplished such regardless of our inability give the camera attitude.

Attitude, attitude, attitude!  Work it girl!

I have a feeling a winter photo shoot is around the corner – that is, if we don’t freeze within our own homes first. Oh Canada; how your winters make a grown woman cry. Never the less, we’ll show off our faux-fur hoodies and Ugg boots just for this shoot!


R.H – The Owl Palette


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