New Heights

One of the last things that the Jacob girls did together involving the great out-doors was hiking up Webster Falls in Hamilton Ontario.

The weather was perfect – probably a little hotter than we had liked but with that sun in the sky and little to no cloud, we were hopeful this day would be one we would never forget – it was.

With water bottles packed, active-wear on and our running shoes laced up, we headed out in my yellow Volvo and hit the road. It didn’t seem like a far drive considering our conversations kept us entertained. Lily was telling us all about her adventures in Africa now having recently come back from the summer.

We were having a grand time!

Once we arrived at Webster Falls, our game was on! We watched the falls and took a side route (accidentally not realizing it went no where), before we ventured away on the main path.

Climbing the initial metal stair way up, we became a bit nervous at the slight height increase, but that was only the beginning of our long way up. Trees and a narrow dirt path directed us in a couple different ways, with a small wooden railing to keep us from falling off the edge at some points of the climb.

It was like being the middle east again, climbing so high on the hill, however this time there was far more green than that of the brown and golds I had experienced in Kurdistan, North Iraq.

We saw the water falls and much of the drop beneath us, but I think the most amazing view of them all was having reached the top of the hills where you got a birds eye view of the town below. It was nothing I had seen before – yet it felt like home.

After a few pictures near the edge (watch out), we decided to trek back down. Now, you can imagine the steep climb through narrow paths and awkward climbs, that the journey down was going to be that of an interesting and somewhat dangerous one. Yes, we live on the edge!

However we were not without company. Two McMaster University boys had befriended us earlier at the top of the hill and were (somewhat) escorting us four girls down. Finally we parted ways at the bottom but there was much to talk about – as one does after meeting a cute boy.

As the sun was slowly descending in the background, we made our way home – exhausted. It was a great Jacob Girls activity after a night of drunken frenzy and a hearty breakfast at Benny’s. A full weekend of fun and it didn’t end there.

Where to next? The Beach.

So much to do around Ontario Canada. Here’s to many more adventures!



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