This past summer one of our girls fell ill – not the physical kind; Mental Illness is something that should never be taken lightly and lucky for the Jacob Girls, we take it with full heart.

As carefree as we are – we still find time to remind one another of the support each of our girls has to give to the other. Sure it’s never easy to watch a sister hurt inside, but to let them go through it alone is unthinkable to us.

One evening during the May long-weekend, we gathered at a friends house outside the city to enjoy a rather large bonfire and drinks. One of us of course had to be the designated driver and R had volunteered.

We came just after a few others had arrived and immediately began in the activities. Most had already pitched their tents in the field by the apple trees, but the Jacob Girls wouldn’t take such a low standard of sleeping condition – drunk or not. We enjoy our beds and warm blankets. Call us princesses but we haven’t come this far only to revert back to the old ways of sleeping uncomfortably.

Back on topic, R had begun to sit alone by the fire, enjoying the flames dancing up toward the sky; the heat warming the body. The rest of us girls (mildly drunk) noticed the secluded Jacob Girl, abandoned what they were doing and who they were with to give company to our fellow girl.

It was such a lovely surprise. We took pictures and gave each other loving words of support. The Jacob girls gave one another strength when no one else would.

True friendship lies within what we give to others without any expectation of gaining anything in return.



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