Excursion to the Beach

In a previous post I had mentioned the Jacob Girls had taken a trip to the beach in late May for a quick tan and dip. What we didn’t know however was, aside from the mild heat, the water in fact was ice cold.

The sun was covered by clouds and we lay there in the sand with our bathing suits on and music blaring. None of us wanted to go immediately into the water, we were a little skeptical of the temperature. It wasn’t until one of the previous Jacob Girls dared to join me in a dip. We were after all hot from the heat.

Dipping our toes into the water we immediately felt the chills running up and down our spines. You know that thing that people say when you first enter, “Oh if you just dip all the way in, you wont feel so cold.” The hell that did much good.

I felt like, if we were on the Titanic as it was sinking and I failed to get on a life boat quick enough, I would die in the freezing waters. That’s what this felt like. Sharp little needles pricking us from the waist down. Eventually our bodies became numb and no amount of moving in the water was going to make our blood run any faster to warm us up.

The other girls took a step into the water and immediately told us we were crazy for being waist down in there. Perhaps we were crazy, but we didn’t mind the pain – considering we were numb to the touch.

So, maybe less than ten minutes had passed by before we decided it was best to remove ourselves from the water before we made ourselves ill. Sure enough we felt the urge to go back in for one last challenge. We’re ones who take the more dangerous roads to fun, and if that doesn’t convince you, we’re Canadian – enough said. The ice bucket challenge has nothing on the Jacob Girls!

I highly doubt we will go back to the beach in the late days of May. I think we learned something that day. Wear sunscreen regardless of sun and avoid the water until later in the Canadian summer.



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