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Burning Bright

Ever since the Jacob Girls began, we’ve had the pleasures of having a fire in the backyard of one of the members homes. It’s always a good time for a fire. In fact, during the summer we managed more fires than actually going out in the past couple years we’ve been a team.

One of the great things about sitting around the campfire, other than the burning of marshmallows and making spider dogs, the wine and girl talk is what we thrive on in the evening. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t just gossip, but we talk about deep and meaningful things such as:

1. Boys
2. Food
3. Wine
4. Boys
5. Embarrassing moments
6. Why boys suck

It’s all so magical – philosophical even.

Regardless of what we talk about there are always laughs and memories are formed from those evenings. Although we’ve invited others to enjoy the fire in the back with us, it usually ends up being just the Jacob Girls.

That’s fine, I mean – who needs more friends?
We’re not bitter, heck we even love the fact that it’s just the handful of us. This leaves more room to talk about those we dislike a lot easier – muahaha!

Although the summer days have passed and the nights are far too cold for even a small fire to keep us warm, just the fact we could look back to those days and feel the warmth gives us comfort. Cheesy as that is, you all know you like it.



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