Wait – what!?

Thank you Google images for finding me the perfect picture for this post! However this was not exactly what the Jacob Girls new years eve looked like by far.Okay – so we also are late on this post and have no proof (except for one of us) we were even out, but that doesn’t matter!

Let me explain.

First of all, there was no Jacob Girls NYE party. That’s right, you read correctly, we didn’t commit to a JG.NYE party at all. It seemed like everyone had their own plans for this up coming 2016 NYE celebration.

Secondly, I suppose we weren’t exactly clear to one another (a real shocker), about what we had wanted/planned to do this coming NYE. I know we had mentioned here and there that we would certainly try and do NYE together considering we haven’t done so yet, so it sparked some interest (seeing as it would be the first Jacob Girls NYE together).

That never actually took form. Instead we all decided to look into parties and other such events (whether it be finding yourself at a club or a big get together at someones house). Now personally we weren’t upset at the result but I think we all felt a little regret not taking this opportunity to celebrate together considering we may all end up not seeing each other for the next NYE.

Again, we don’t blame others for having some cool party to go to (or previously bought ticket) for our lack in communication days before. We simply were far too exhausted from all the Christmas parties before December 25th (2015).

Two of the JG’s went to a good friends house party to catch up on old times, while another JG went out of town with her significant other. Meanwhile both JGs (real life sisters) tried to make an appearance at another party hosted by a friend, of a friend of a friend…It was a 1920’s theme and there was no way a Jacob Girl would miss the opportunity to dress up!

Moving on, I just hope you all had a great NYE and plan on making this year better than the last!

Much love,


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